Definition of success & decision process

Successes in biotech are as diverse and multifaceted as the industry itself. For the Swiss Biotech Success Stories, success is defined as meeting one or several of the following criteria:

  • completed achievement(s) with lasting and/or international impact, basis for spill-over effect in non-directly related field(s)
  • scientific breakthrough, new technology translated to the development of a new therapy and/or with a strong impact on society
  • product approval with potential foreseeable/sustainable revenues
  • important patents, an innovative deal-making
  • creation of jobs in Switzerland
  • establishment of favorable conditions for the biotech industry

In this context, Swiss refers to:

  • an involvement of one or more Swiss citizens
  • a Swiss-based company and institution
  • any other aspect with a direct link to Switzerland
  • Swissness: Think global, made in Switzerland

Success stories contact & media info
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